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Krishnagar Public School in Nadia started online classes


Sting Newz Service: In the wake of the nation-wide lock down situation to contain the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities have been closed resulting in complete disruption in the process of education.
Today, we find many schools starting with Zoom App based Online Classes but it was Krishnagar Public School which was one of the first institutions in the district of Nadia to switch over to online classes following the COVID-19 outbreak. The started this process as early as 25th of March 2020.

Dr. Sankar Prasad Dutta, Principal, Krishnagar Public School, realized that it is a serious concern because not only does the lockdown keep people from going to work, it keeps them at home which at times may be very depressing, especially when it comes to young children.”

Being away from the regular formal structure of education, the routine for the students has gone haywire. There is no separation between home-time and school-time; and there is no scope of any physical activity. The children cannot go out, they don’t know what to study and are getting bored and irritable. Most parents are having a hard time keeping children active and engaged at home.

It was reported that Krishnagar Public School initially started live online classes for its Class X and XII students following a regular schedule from 25th March 2020 so that they could continue providing essential academic support to the students appearing for the next Board examinations.


Sources said, in order to facilitate the learning process further, the teachers are preparing digital content and videos on the relevant topics and sharing with the students via ERP softwares and even popular social media. They are also making effective use of O-labs, E-basta and other educational sites in a routine manner. Slowly it was introduced for all students.

The program was carried out in 4 phases- first for Secondary- Senior Secondary, then Middle School, followed by Primary and eventually Pre-primary. The teachers even interacted with parents and students individually via Whatsapp and Google Duos not only to provide technical support but also to clear individual doubts.

As students do not even have their texts books, teachers are first sharing the e-texts of the chapters they are going to start the following day. The pre-primary classes will be interactive and activity based with rhymes, songs, crafts and other activities.

Naturally, the parents are highly satisfied and relieved and students find it exciting. They can now fruitfully use their time in a structured way.

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