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Muslim Woman From Kanpur Translates Ramayana Into Urdu


Sting Newz Service: Setting an example of inter-community harmony, a Muslim woman from Kanpur has translated the text of Ramayana into Urdu.

Dr Mahi Talat Siddiqui, a resident of Prem Nagar area, said that she wanted Muslim community to be aware of the goodness of Ramayana along with the Hindus.

Around two years ago, Badri Narayan Tiwari, a resident of Kanpur, gave a copy of Ramayana to Dr Talat, after which she decided to translate it in Urdu.
“Just like holy texts of all religions, Ramayana also gives us a message of peace and brotherhood. It has been written very beautifully. I felt relaxed and peaceful after writing the text in Urdu,” Dr Talat told ANI.
She said that it took her more than one and a half years to translate it. She focused on the fact that the translations shouldn’t change the original meaning of the text.

“Some people of the society spread violence by instigating religious issues, but no religion teaches to hate each other. People of all religions should live together with love and goodwill, and it is necessary that each other’s religions should also be respected,” she said.

Dr Talat, who holds master degree in Hindi Literature, said that she will continue to work on maintaining mutual harmony using the power of her pen. (Courtesy: ndtv.com)

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