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What are Articles 370, 35A? Must Read

Sting Newz Service: What is Article 370 and 35A: A recent central ordinance, which extends reservation to SCs and STs in J&K, throws the spotlight on Article 35A, as well as Article 370 from which it derives. What are these two provisions? What is Article 370? Included in the Constitution …

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10 Ravana effigy burnt on Dussehra in Kolkata

Sting Newz Service: Keeping up with the tradition of burning the effigy in the tricity during Dussehra, the Sanmarg & Salt Lake Sanskritik Sansadburnt 10 Ravana effigy today at the Central Park(Salt Lake), Kolkata. Last year, a 60-feet tall effigy of Ravana was burnt by the committee. The main objective of this event was to provide a vibrant …

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Muslim Woman From Kanpur Translates Ramayana Into Urdu

Sting Newz Service: Setting an example of inter-community harmony, a Muslim woman from Kanpur has translated the text of Ramayana into Urdu. Dr Mahi Talat Siddiqui, a resident of Prem Nagar area, said that she wanted Muslim community to be aware of the goodness of Ramayana along with the Hindus. Around …

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