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Godi Media’s Arnab Goswami arrested, Only BJP protested, not common people of India

Sting Newz Service: Arnab Goswami has been arrested by Maharashtra Police for allegedly abetting the suicide of a 53-year-old interior designer, Anvay Naik, and his mother, two years ago.

Soon after his arrest, the BJP supporters took out protest rallies in differnt parts of Maharashtra. The arrest of Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami this morning drew immediate condemnation from ministers in the Narendra Modi government, BJP leaders and supporters at large.

Home Minister Amit Shah twitted, “Congress and its allies have shamed democracy once again. Blatant misuse of state power against Republic TV & Arnab Goswami is an attack on individual freedom and the 4th pillar of democracy. It reminds us of the Emergency. This attack on free press must be and will be opposed.

Prakesh Javadekar twitted, “We condemn the attack on press freedom in Maharashtra. This is not the way to treat the Press. This reminds us of the emergency days when the press was treated like this.”

Many more BJP leaders twitted protesting the arrest of him. It seems that a BJP leader has been arrested. Arnab always claims that the whole Nation is with him. But after his arrest, It seems that no common people is with him, only BJP supporters with him. On the other hand, BJP’s IT cell also started to protest his arrest.

Shib Sena and Congress claimed that Arnab is a big agent of BJP. He always do yellow journalism. He never follow the ethic of journalim. He destroyed the journalism of India. He is a stigma of journalism. He always spreads hatred. When the whole nation raised their voice against Hathras incident, he was silence.

Arnab Goswami’s controversial arrest is a messy mix of BJP versus Shiv Sena politics.

The newsmedia theprint.in reported that how many ministers in the Modi government condemned arrests of journalists in Uttar Pradesh for reporting about children being made to sweep the floor in government schools? When a journalist in Yogi Adityanath’s UP was booked and accused of criminal conspiracy for exposing how a government school was serving roti and salt for mid-day meals, where were our Right-wingers and their concern for press freedom? Why is the BJP not reminded of the Emergency when a journalist in BJP-ruled UP is killed for reporting on a land dispute?

Smriti Irani says Arnab Goswami’s arrest is “fascism” but we didn’t hear anything at all from her when a journalist in Tamil Nadu was arrested for his Covid-19 coverage. Where was Prakash Javadekar’s concern for press freedom when journalists in Kashmir were detained and allegedly assaulted by police during the Covid lockdown? When a journalist in Gujarat is arrested and charged with sedition merely for a speculative story that the state may see a change of chief minister, how many people demanded universal condemnation?

The Modi government is arguing in court that sedition charges against journalist Vinod Dua should not be dropped. His crime? Abetment of anyone’s suicide? A suicide note blaming him? No. Merely criticising the Modi government.

It is inexplicable why Arnab Goswami deserves greater freedom than Parashar Biswas, a journalist in Tripura who was beaten up after criticising Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s threat to the media on his handling of Covid-19 pandemic.

In different parts of India, so many people are facing cases or spending time in jail just because they had the temerity to oppose the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA, but we don’t see a Right-winger condemning this assault on freedom for a mere difference of political opinion.

How many of these people issued even a token condemnation of the repeated arrest and harassment of a good doctor named Kafeel Khan? Rather, they have cheered such arrests.

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