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Nearly 70% teenagers wish to reduce smartphone use: Survey


Sting Newz service: A new US-based study has revealed that more than 70 % of the teenagers across the globe want to reduce the time they spend using their smartphone. The survey conducted by Screen Education reveals that more than 65 % of young minds wish to keep a tab on time they spend on using gadgets. However, 26 % wish that someone must take the responsibility to limit their the time they spend on their smartphone as they are unable to do themselves.

The survey further revealed that 37% have also tried to persuade their pals to reduce the time they spend on their smartphone. Further, 45% of the respondents were of the view that they are not able to spend time on other things they want to do as they are spending too much time on using gadget. While 41% blamed their habit of using cell phones for getting low marks at the university.
Talking more about the survey, President of Screen Education, Michael Mercier, said that his organisation is making all efforts to find out ways to impose reasonable limits on their screen time.  He also said that the users can themselves cultivate within them the ability to self-limit their screen time by adopting new cultural norms related to screen time.
According to a report, the survey had 46 questions and 1,017 respondents from class 7 th to 12 th. The survey also revealed that 36% of teenagers witness online bullying every week, while over 30% have seen online bullying result in physical violence.
If one looks closely, Indian Economic Survey 2018, had revealed that e-commerce market has reached $33 Bn mark which means as much as 19.1% growth in the year 2016-2017. The increasing e-commerce reliance has been reiterated with a new with a new counterpoint research report which says that e-commerce platforms captured a record 38% share of the total smartphone channels in the country in the first quarter of 2018.  (Courtesy: www.newsx.com)

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