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Locals demand renaming road in the name of Nadia martyred Army Jawan Subodh Ghosh


Sting Newz Service, Tehatta ( Nadia): As soon as the coffin – covered body of martyred Army Jawan Subodh Ghosh (24) arrived at his home at Tehatta Raghunathpur village in Nadia in West Bengal at around 11.10 pm. on Sunday, the awaiting wave of villagers rushed to it. On the other hand, the wave of crying from inside the home got louder.

However, the family and locals demanded a local road to rename after the Jawan’s name.

Side by side, his poor father Gowranga Ghosh asked for the economic help to the family. His mother Basanti Ghosh who was lamenting, said ,” Why you left us. How will we live without your monetary help.” His wife Anindita was not in position to speak much but said,” He had assured me to come home during the annaprashan of our three month old daughter. But everything of my life is finished.”

Since afternoon, the villagers have been gathering before the home of Subodh Ghosh and at both sides along the pucca road adjacent to the home. They were scattered in groups and were whispering regarding Subodh. The neighbouring women were trying to console the family.

According to local Sudip Biswas,” Around five thousand people from Raghunathpur and adjoining village Arshiganj have gathered before Subodh’s home.”

The village was just plunged into melancholic atmosphere. The Dewali was not observed in the village, the ‘Sarbojanin’ Kali Puja too was cancelled.

Subodh Ghosh, the Army jawan of 59 Medium Regiment was killed in Pakistan firing during border duty at Baramula Sector in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday. He was killed with more a few jawans following the violation of ceasefire by Pakistan Army.

However, the body of Subodh Ghosh arrived at Panagarh air base by army flight at around 4 pm. on Sunday, family sources said. After guard of honour there, the army personnel moved with the body towards Tehatta Raghunathpur on their vehicle. It reached at around 11.10 pm.

Family sources said that the body was scheduled to take to Palasy burning ghat, about 35 km. away from Ghosh’s home. It would be crossing midnight for carrying the body to buring ghat after paying homage by the locals.

The locals had erected a stage near Subodh’s home. It was decorated with Subodh’s photograph and flowers. A big photograph of Subodh was hanged there. After jeeping body here for sometimes, it was taken to Nimtala High school ground, half km. away from home. The villagers paid homage of second phase there. The official too were gathered there. A stage developed here to and body was taken to this spot.

TMC MP Mahua Maitra and Ranaghat MP ( BJP) Jagannath Sarkar went to meet the family seperately. Sarkar said the demands of the family regarding renaming a local road and providing assistance , would be placed to the concerned authority.

The army has the schedule to give the gun salute at burning ghat, saying it, a local Sudip Biswas added, “A JCO rank Punjabi Army Officer and more a few jawans accompanied the body.”

However, the family and villagers have placed some demands.

Sudip Biswas, on behalf of villagers said, ” We have a few demands.

1. We want the 3 km. of PM Sadak from Arshiganj Bus Stand to Nimtala High School that flows along the home of Subodh Ghosh to rename after Martyr Subodh Ghosh.

2. To set up a stone – statue of Ghosh along his home or at local bus stand.

3. As, many youth of this locality are in Army, to set up a gymnasium ( earlier Army martyred Sudip Biswas of Hanspukuria was also of this locality and his home is about 5 km. away from Raghunathpur).

4. To provide the money ( that will come to his family from the end of Government) equally to all members.”

The local police and administrative personnel were gathered before the jawans home since long.

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