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North 24 Parganas Man hacked to death, Body found in Nadia’s Dhubulia

Sting Newz Service, Dhubulia (Nadia):  A tension was prevailed at Dhubulia in Nadia following recovery of a throat slit dead body. The body, having a number of hits of sharpe weapons, was recovered from near to Dhubulia Petrol pump along NH 34 on Friday night. Police recovered the body and subsequently sent for autopsy. The victim was later, identified as Pradyut Gain (44) of Icchapur in North 24 Parganas.

Eventually, later on, police recovered an abandoned car near Bethuadahari Toll Plaza. Police later on, came to know that the owner of the car was the Dhubulia- murder -victim Pradyut Gain.

SP, Krishnagar Police District Jafar Azmal Kidwai said,” The dead body of Pradyut Gain, a resident of Icchapur, was found along NH 34 at Dhubulia in Nadia. We have been looking into the case and hope to nab the miscreants soon as we have got some clues.”

According to local sources, it was at around 8.30 pm. on Friday. The rain was set in. The area was covered under darkness. A few locals observed some people were doing something suspeciou at a distance, a little away from Dhubulia Petrol pump. Two vehicles too were on spot including a  Tata sumo. When the cars left the spot, they rushed and found a dead body having a lot of hits of sharpe weapons.

A local man said with request of anonymity,” Though it was dark, so far I have seen and realized from a distance, a few people brought down a man from one of the cars by force and killed him on spot. They hit him with Sharpe weapons at random.”

Subsequently, they informed police. The Dhubulia police recovered the dead body and sent for autopsy.

A local sources said, ” the miscreants were probably the outsiders and they were unaware about the locality. Assuming in dark the spot as a lonely place, they brought down the man from the car and murdered there.”

A police sources said, ” there is CCTV camera set up at Dhubulia petrol pump. The cameras caught the two vehicles on spot. It also has recorded the number of a car, the owner of which is a woman from Icchapur. police was scanning the CCTV footage more. to have more clues.”

The sources also added that the cops already got a few clues.

A police official in the district on anonymity also said, “We recovered the vehicle’s number from the CCTV footage from where we can get many clues about the killers. The number discloses that the car is from North 24 Parganas.

Another police sources said, two cars were caught in CCTV footage allegedly related to the killing. After killing Pradyut, the miscreants left the spot with both the cars. Police later found an abandoned car from near to Bethuadahari Tol Plaza and seized the car. That car was of the victim.

It is suspected that the Tata sumo was following Pradyut’s car on NH 34. They had targated to kill him. When they reached Dhubulia, found scope and blocked his car and then brought him down from his car to murder.

Then both the vehicles rushed towards Baharampur. Midway, Gain’s car was left on road.

Victim’s brother was reluctant to say anything. He just said,” Since marriage, Dada started to stay isolated. I will say nothing more to it.”

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