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Mumbai Crime: Man lies about not receiving salary, friends thrash him to death in Ghatkopar

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Sting Newz Service: Mumbai police have arrested two men for thrashing their friend to death in front of his family in Ghatkopar. The deceased identified as Ashwnikumar Dubey, a resident of Asalpha was beaten to death by his friends at his residence. The deceased got a job at a housekeeping firm a month ago through his friend’s reference but on receiving his salary he hid it from his family and lied about not receiving it. When the family questioned his friend about the delay in the salary, his friends arrived at his place and questioned him. When they realised he was lying about not receiving the salary, the matter escalated into a scuffle resulting in the death of Ashwnikumar due to internal bleeding.

Ashwinikumar (24), a resident of Thorat Chawl was unemployed and sought Narendra Rane (31) and Rahul Raut (30), his friend’s help to find a job. Narendra, who was working in a housekeeping firm, referred Ashwinikumar for the job in May 2019. In July, the deceased’s family questioned him about his salary to which he lied stating he did not receive it. Ashwinikumar’s parents immediately called Narendra to confront about the delay in the salary.

Following a complaint from the Dubey family, the accused Narendra Rane and Rahul Raut were arrested by Ghatkopar cops under IPC section 302 (murder) and 34 (common intention). “The incident happened in the feat of rage because the deceased was trying to hide his salary from parents and for his own purpose,” said an officer from Ghatkopar police station. (Courtesy: www.indiapress.org)

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