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Krishnagar Public School, Nadia celebrates World Environment Day

Sting Newz Service/ Press Release: As the world fights with the COVID-19 pandemic along with other environmental disasters including cyclones, earthquakes, floods and locust influx, it is now more than ever that everyone needs to come together to support environmental initiatives even with tiny individual steps that might be possible for us.

It could mean starting as small as saving water at home or disposing waste by sorting out wet and dry waste, or simply remembering to switch off lights and fans as we leave our rooms. The students of Krishnagar Public School, Nadia came up with this message during their virtual celebration of World Environment Day on 5th June 2020.

The little ones from Nursery to Class II celebrated nature and environment by creating their own rhymes or reciting poems that expressed their love for Mother Earth. While the students from Classes III to V took up hands on projects and activities that could help in the conservation and sustainance of the environment.

The students from Classes VI to VIII expressed their growing concerns for the environment by their thoughtful and creative posters whereas the senior students from Classes IX to XII used their slogans to spread awareness against ruthless and inconsiderate use of natural resources and urged people to carry out individual roles to help nature heal.

Dr. Sankar Prasad Dutta, Principal of Krishnagar Public School, expressed, “We have misused the resources of Nature for too long, it is high time we ACT with empathy and compassion. It is important to make young children value the importance of conservation and take onus for it. On the occasion of World Environment Day, let us all pledge to make the Earth a better place to live!”

On the eve of the World Environment Day, the school organized a special webinar for the senior students from Classes IX to XII by renowned Educationist, Administrator and National Co-Convenor or Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan Mrs. Mayuri Dutt, who addressed the students on the virtual platform to awaken them to understand the dire need to stop being indifferent and to step up to play our individual role to protect and preserve the environment. Mrs. Dutt encouraged the students by saying, “Helping Mother Earth to survive is the duty of the young generation and you need to make sure whatever way the environment has recovered in these few (lockdown) months, we need to continue that.”

The students expressed their love for Nature and their concerns for the conservation of the environment through their activities. They spread the messages of fighting against pollution, the need to create a plastic-free World, to fight Global Warming and preserve forests to that we can combat Climate Change and Celebrate the Biodiversity of the World.

The wonderful activities and messages by the students along with excerpts from the webinar conducted by Mrs. Dutt has been released as a video on YouTube for everyone to watch and feel inspired. (Watch video here: https://youtu.be/CDp_UAl4Pn8)

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